Service your gas boiler to guard against unnecessary replacement.

Your gas boiler may well be the most neglected appliance in your house. It’s normally positioned out of sight in a cupboard, in the loft or in the garage, which means it doesn’t get the attention it deserves – that is, until it becomes inefficient or eventually breaks down.

Getting your boiler serviced annually can prevent any build-up of unwanted debris and guard against other preventable problems. Our boiler servicing specialists can identify issues before they cause a stoppage and save you from paying more than you should for heating bills. Enquire today for more info.
Boiler Servicing

Protect your gas boiler against unexpected breakdowns

  • Make sure your boiler is in peak condition for when you really need it during colder months.
  • Keep your family safe from poisonous carbon monoxide.
  • Let us check that all is well with your boiler under the skin.
  • There’s no catch, just call us to book a service for a time that suits you and we’ll do the rest.
  • One of our local, trusted Gas Safe Registered Engineers will service your Gas Boiler FREE of charge.

New Boilers Need Servicing Too

There’s always a chance that something may have not been installed correctly or that your new boiler has a faulty part or sensor, but more importantly, you need to get your boiler serviced yearly to satisfy the terms of the boiler manufacturer’s warranty.

Modern boilers are, of course, safer than older units, and as such they tend to require less maintenance. But there is a small chance of something going awry and a potential leak occurring; these occurrences are rare, but the only way to have total peace of mind is to call a boiler maintenance expert and book a full service.

Our Service is Second to None

Why are we second to none? Well, simply because we give you a Servicing/Maintenance Record as proof of your boiler’s condition.

When our engineers are at your property, they will carry out the service and issue you with a copy of the Servicing/Maintenance Record electronically before they leave. This gives you peace of mind about the condition of the appliance, plus we will be able to schedule another service for the following year to make sure that your boiler is still working properly.

Included in the Boiler Service:

  • A tightness test to check that the meter and pipe work and that your boiler is gas tight and free from leaks.
  • The Gas Rates are measured (the amount of gas used per hour by the appliance) in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. ‘Under-gassed’ or ‘over-gassed’ appliances can cause major issues including carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • We check the flue to make sure that it is installed correctly and free from blockages such as foliage and other debris.
  • A visual inspection of the appliance both externally and internally looking for signs of spillage, signs of corrosion and anything that indicates stress or wear and tear, such as ignition leads drying and cracking or burners becoming damaged, blocked or corroded.
  • We will use compressed air rather than brushes (as they can cause damage) to clean the components and the internals of the boiler (using a vacuum cleaner to collect debris of course) and perform a flue gas analysis check, which will determine if the boiler’s combustion is burning as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
To book your gas boiler service with ATW Property Services, contact us today.