A visual inspection is recommended annually

Visual inspections are a vital part of the up-keep of any electrical system. This involves a survey to immediately identify any shortcomings (i.e. non-compliance with the current BS 7671 regulations, or defects, damage or deterioration of any part of the electrical installation) and whether or not the installation complies with the statutory Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.
Visual Electrical inspection

How often do I need a visual electrical inspection?

This will depend on the type and nature of your premises. Visual inspections usually take place as an interim routine in between official periodic inspections, or they can be carried out as a spot-check in a domestic property, an option that is often overlooked by householders.

Inspections for homeowners

Commercial and industrial installations differ from domestic premises, where it is assumed that the occupier will notice any breakage or excessive wear and arrange for an electrician to rectify it. However, any commercial and industrial installation is bound by the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989; therefore, it is essential that a visual inspection is carried out routinely.

Home owner’s visual inspections

We would also strongly recommend that home owners get a check carried out as they are often unaware of potential problems and whether the wiring, fixtures or fittings comply with the current regulations and is therefore safe.

During your visual inspection, we will look for:

  • Defects in any part of the installation
  • Breakages, wear & tear, and correct positioning of fittings
  • Any signs of the wiring or appliances overheating
  • Confirmation that switches, sockets and fittings are not being overloaded
  • Correct and secure doors/enclosures
  • Required labelling and notifications
  • RCDs that are operating correctly (using test button)
  • Any loose fittings and missing parts (covers, screws)

Visual Electrical Inspections – Our Promise:

  • We generate a Visual Inspection Report on completion
  • Any remedial work needed will be quoted at our guaranteed low prices
  • Your inspection will be carried out by fully qualified and insured electrical contractors with years of trade experience
  • Any size of premises or portfolio can be inspected - large or small
  • We can work in domestic, commercial or industrial environments
  • Full testing and management service will be available for peace of mind
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